FAQs and T&C’s


Where will I find banking details?

Once you have processed your entry via the online entry system, you will receive a confirmation email with an entry reference number and payment details for EFT and credit card. Please use your entry reference as a payment reference so we can correctly allocate your payment.

Why hasn’t my payment cleared?

When your eft payment clears into our bank account, our administrator will send a confirmation email to you. Using the correct payment reference is essential! Some banks take longer than others to clear transfers.

Why am I unable to enter again?

Our entry system is programmed to recognise SA ID numbers. If your ID number is already in the system it will prevent you from re-entering the same event. Please contact us is any amendments to your entry are required.

Can I downgrade/upgrade my entry?

Yes – please contact Shilisha (info@kzntrailrunning.co.za) to process changes.


If for whatever reason an entrant can no longer participate in an event and would like to request a refund, that entrant should kindly make said request personally and in writing to info@trailrunning.co.za. Refunds will be granted in voucher format.
Please see our Refund Policy for a comprehensive summary of refund procedure.


Use of vouchers is subject to availability.

My child doesn’t have an ID number – how do I enter them?

Please register them as an international athlete and enter their birthdate as their passport number.



Water stations on route?

This differs from race to race. Information will be given in the Race Instructions Emailer the day before the event but final instructions will be stipulated in the final race briefing. As with all trail running, we strongly encourage participants to carry their own additional hydration.

Where do I pick up race numbers?

During registration you will be issued with a race number. We re-use these, so please return them after your event.

Where are directions to race?

On the race web-page and Facebook page.